The Final 2PM

by Kevin

OK, I hate leaving things unfinished. The 2PM thing needs a proper send off. So here it is.

When Geraldine got hurt, and our camera broke, we quit for awhile. But we started recording them again once we got a new camera in Nepal. But then we couldn’t upload them because the internet in that part of the world sucked.

Since returning to the glorious land of Verizon FIOS, that problem has been solved. So I uploaded everything from Brett and Hilary’s visit in Nepal to the Everest hike, to India. In India, we lost steam for the whole project, but we still managed to film one last 2PM in the ocean in Goa, a year from the day we started.

Here are a few of the best:

Hilary Crosses the Death Bridge

Nepali Taxi Ride

Cockpit View of Flying into Lukla, The World’s Most Dangerous Airport

(Jump to 2:20 for the good stuff)

The Summit of Kala Patthar, at the base of Mt. Everest

Crossing the India Border by Bike Rickshaw

And the last one, where I admit to listening to Justin Bieber, but the sound gets muffled, so I really didn’t say that:

And the whole thing, in one long, 3 hour playlist, for people with lots of time to kill and/or stalkers:

If you ever want to browse them all, go nuts on our Youtube Channel.

So that’s a wrap. There are plenty of embarrassing moments in these videos, but I’ll be glad to have them around when I’m old and gray. I hope this showed a little insight into what these types of trips are like.